Bobby Steinbach

Bobby Steinbach

Pythonista, Jiu Jitsu Ninja

redditor, builder, rabid netflix watcher

Basic Info

Hey there! My name's Bobby Steinbach and I'm a software developer currently working out of NYC where I'm hacking as a Python/Django backend developer and Android lead developer at Rukkus.

Although I absolutely love coding and couldn't imagine doing anything else as a career, sometimes I definitely need a break from the glow of a computer monitor. At these times, I enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, woodworking, and - hackneyed for a programmer, I know - playing videogames.


  • Rukkus

    My work thus far at Rukkus has revolved heavily around a few things:

    1. Leading development of the Rukkus Android Application
    2. Building out the front and back end for our next gen ticket buying experience
    3. Solving complex issues relating to data de-duplication and String matching

    Python, Django, Redis, SOLR, Postgres, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, HTML5
  • TheShelf

    While working at TheShelf, I was able to both sharpen my Python/Django chops and gain invaluable exposure to the business side of working in an early-stage startup. My first task upon arrival was to refactor the website entirely. Challenging? Yes. Daunting? Yes. But in the end, very positive because I was able to fully understand the code base once finished. Subsequent projects included building out a dynamic image collage, re-wiring key parts of the site to use Backbone, and optimizing a feed containing millions of items.

    Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5
  • OpenMile

    OpenMile was my first job at a startup, and the reason why I've only worked as startups since! Coming in as a co-op (an intern, for all practical purposes), I never felt as though I had any less responsibility than the other team members. My daily tasks included responding to bug reports filed by the sales team, building out portlets (modular page components), and playing ping-pong. I kid... about the ping-pong of course.
    Python, Pylons, sqlAlchemy, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery

Personal Projects

  • (not maintained)

    BackStep is an idea I'd been playing with in my head for a month or so before deciding to start development on. The premise was simple: Have you ever left something in a cab? Hopefully the answer is no, but if it isn't BackStep is for you. Using a combination of methods including widespread aggregation of data and manual effort, BackStep took on the challenge of finding lost items and putting you in contact with the finders of the valuables.
    Python, Django, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Express, Backbone, Javascript, Android, iOS, jQuery, CSS3

  • The World Cup Challenge was a competition put forth by FootballRadar which asked its participants to write a program which would - for each team in the World Cup - print out the probability of that team being knocked out in group, 2nd round, etc. and ending with the probability of that team winning the cup. My solution happened to be the winning one and relied on a number of different factors to choose probabilities including: player skill scores, team chemistry scores, fifa rank, number of "stars" on the team, and past international results.
  • (not maintained)

    DrinkUp is a venture launched by me and two friends as an effort to make creation and distribution of drink deals by bars and clubs as simple as logging into a web app and pushing a button. On the user side, an Android and iOS app currently in development gives bar-goers the ability to redeem coupons either as individuals or as part of a group. It's pretty sweet! Of course I am biased..
    Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery

Weekend Projects

  • Ever face the situation when you've received a text but don't want to respond instantly? Spitly was conceived for just this scenario. While there are other text scheduling apps out there, Spitly is different in that it strips out many extraneous features that these other tools provide (recurring schedules, a date / time combination, etc.) and instead focuses solely on the mission of allowing the user to quickly and easily send out a delayed text.
    Java, Android

  • Provides a mechanism for injecting Django template variables into external Javascript files' namespace in a (more) elegant way.
    Python, Django
  • (in development)

    Simple CSV utilities for Django projects, the most noteworthy of which is the extensible system for bootstraping data from csv files into models.

  • An attempt at Tkinter programming. Instasound connects the user to a variety of music sources with one simple interface.
    Python, Tkinter
  • | github

    A branch of the Instasound application mentioned above using something I'm a little more familiar with, web programming.
    Python, Flask, Javascript, jQuery

  • Simple Python wrapper for the 8Tracks Api. Built to be used by Instasound.

  • My first foray with Backbone, this jQuery plugin fetches a random gallery from imgur and displays it in a couple of nice ways.
    Javascript, jQuery, Backbone

  • A strictly client side app that analyzes and profiles your FB events
    Javascript, jQuery